Cat-5 Hurricane Maria damages still visible in the #USVI

Weeks after a Category-5 direct hit from Hurricane Maria, the damages in the US Virgin Islands are still a very visible part of the community.

Not only structures, but also countless boats are kinda in the water…

…and on land too.

Roads aren’t that great either.

Many residential structures are damaged and at major risk of collapse.

Trust me when I say countless Federal and public safety professionals are working hard to ensure that all of the survivors are getting the help they need.

We are in it for the long run.

FEMA PIO reporting live from the US Virgin Islands…



Newly opened Disaster Recovery Center in downtown St. Thomas along the waterfront. #PIO

Doing a short interview with US Virgin Island’s Channel-2 news on the new FEMA Disaster Recovery Center that just opened up in downtown St. Thomas along the waterfront.

FEMA PIO onscene with new information for the Channel-2 News team and Kishon Casey.

Sharing news about a new community resource is always great esp to support survivors.

Ways to apply to get disaster assistance:

Apply today!


Weekly press conference with #USVI Lt. Governor and FEMA FCO

Weekly US Territory press conference time with the US Virgin Islands’ Lt Governor Osbert Potter…

USVI Lt Governor Osbert Potter at the weekly press conference

Our partners from the Virgin Islands Territory Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) was there too.

USVI Lt Governor Osbert Potter and representative from VITEMA

And of course our Disaster Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) gave an update for all islands’ disaster recovery operation.

USVI Lt Governor Osbert Potter and FEMA FCO Bill Vogel

Great night. Glad to see everyone working together.


Thank you FCO!

Dat moment when you realize your DIV/SUP is cool…

FEMA PIO Sur and FEMA FCO Leary on Hurricane Irma/Maria response & recovery

For all disasters, I have been fortunate to have great working relationships with all the Federal Coordinating Officers (FCOs) I worked with. Special mahalos to Seamus for the words of wisdom for the FEMA FCO Program.


Our HHS partners – NJ Medical Teams supporting hospital operations here in #USVI #STT #HHS

Great meeting the medical team from New Jersey today working the medical magic at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

They are part of an EMAC agreement (obv Region II) to support medical operations in the ER, Surgical, as well as other medical support positions. HHS supports their efforts and briefs on their activities every day at the Command & General Staff meeting.

The outpouring of support from the hospital staff is yuge! Proud of the relationships that are forged on the floors and in the ER Trauma bays.

I can’t wait to help share their story. #PIO 

Fist pump for the NJ team!


Supporting EMS and Rescue in the #USVI #STT

Despite being knocked down, we will continue to strengthen and support our providers in the field.

Don’t worry, we are working closely with our partners in public safety – specifically in EMS.

Many of you share my sentiments….

…no matter the situation, Fire/EMS/Police will always be there to support the community.

We as Emergency Management will always support our local professionals.