Always know where the Emergency exits are located

As we close out the week of low cost / no cost ways to help enhance your preparedness efforts, we got an easy one to share today.


That’s right, your #eyes! Use them to always look for all the #emergency exits. While we are often distracted with our #cell phones and other mobile devices, it would be worth noting that we should always be aware of all entrances and exits to any #situation. Whether room or #vehicle or #train or #bus or #airplane….always good to know where the #exits are located.

🚆 ✈️ 🚎 🚗 – know all your exits!

In case there’s an emergency or #immediate #danger, this little tip can help get you out of danger.

More #tips coming up tomorrow focusing in on our #kiddos!
2021 #National #Preparedness #Month continues on!


Rollin rollin rollin….

Rollin rollin rollin…..keep them cattle movin…..

That’s right, we are still talking about low cost / no cost ways to enhance your preparedness efforts. One of the ways we share ideas is on how agile you are during a disaster. Being quick, mobile, and self-sustaining is critical because we as humans have lots of stuff. Whether its #food, #water, #medications, etc… the most cherished items we own, we have lots of #important #stuff.

Local, statewide, or national, our staff loads out and prepares for their #deployments differently. Here are a few examples of their bags/#packs.

*#Rugged #wheels on all the larger bags to help ease the weight of necessary equipment
*Rugged/firm #cases for kits containing #valuables.
*Sturdy pair of #boots that are valuable post disaster (debris on the roadway).
*#Backpacks which allows their hands to be free.
*#Nametags that identify items to that person.
*#Hydration easily accessible for ongoing health. #Water
*#Battery packs for charging mobile devices are heavy.

So if you have some old luggage with wheels lying around, it could be useful for your #family emergency preparedness kit or your vehicle preparedness kit.

More #LowCost / #NoCost tips coming up as we continue to discuss 2021 #National #Preparedness Month’s work for preparedness, #response, #recovery, #mitigation, and #protection.


Attend a class!

Always learning!!!

We are still focused on providing low cost / no cost solutions to enhance your preparedness efforts.
Today, we wanted to share the many #EmergencyManagement #classes and #events that are offered throughout the year with @ProtectDuPage – all of which talk about #preparedness plans and #efforts across the #county.

Above are just a few pictures from events with various groups and agencies sharing some tips/tricks for better preparing your #emergency / #disaster efforts. These are perfect opportunities to build a better kit, or to enhance your plans, or better yet, augment your plans with more information.
In almost all cases, government sponsored classes are free of charge. And I can tell you for a fact, that all of our classes have been offered to you at no-cost. ( It doesn’t get much more low cost than free #AmIRight? )

I hope to see all of you soon as we roll out more classes specifically addressing #preparedness #response #recovery – all to continue to build up your community resilience to any disaster.

More tips tomorrow as we are smack dab in the middle of #2021 #National #Preparedness #Month

readiness #recovery #mitigation #protection #EM


Only the best canned goods this week…

Duuuuuuuude – we know you got the late night #munchies – all during this week of Low Cost / No Cost stuff for #National #Preparedness Month!

That’s right – who doesn’t love the late night munchies. So to help curb your late night #snax, we want your preparedness kit stocked with canned goods that can be eaten on the go. Aside from the stuff inside, we want you to consider purchasing canned goods with lids you can remove WITHOUT a can opener aka #PopTop or #PopTops.

So no matter your choice of must-have canned goods #snackage, we totes encourage you to make sure you have those simple, easy to use pop-tops.

More preparedness items for #LowCost / #NoCost efforts in #Preparedness tomorrow.


Low cost / No cost MRE!

Low cost / no cost preparedness efforts? Yep, we gotcha covered.

This week, we address the #LowCost / #NoCost preparedness efforts that could enhance your preexisting plans. One of our most fun topics deal with food preparedness. Now, the preparedness rule of thumb is to have food, per person, per day, for at least 3 days. And a Meals Ready (MREs) is an excellent choice for shelf stable, long lasting, and easy to eat option for your family.

You’ve probably heard me talk about my most UN-favorite flavor of MRE….but to start this week off, I wanted to share my #FAVORITE #MRE with you.

I give you, the #SPAM MRE.

Compliments of my favorite USAR Team, #Ohio #TaskForce 1.

Hope your preparedness planning is going well in #2021 #National #Preparedness #Month!


Too much water and then not enough water!

Still talking about kits and bags this week for #2021 #National #Preparedness Month!

If you happen to see these types of bags…

Yep, flooding is the most common type of natural hazard that can impact any community across our great nation. Do NOT go running out to buy 100s of sand bags. But do know they are difficult to fill and move. Backbreaking work. But if you live in a #flood prone area, you likely know where to get them in short order. (If you don’t, here’s your hint)

Additionally, a common sign that we see post area wide flooding is the “No Running Water” sign likely caused by flood waters breeching the underground water #supply line. This is why you should have at least one #gallon of #water per person in your #disaster preparedness kit.

We hope all these small tips on kit enhancements help your family be better prepared.

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Kits all week!

Kits all week! – Wait, how is your preparedness kit?

This week, we are providing easy tips to help enhance your #preparedness #kits – all part of #2021 #National Preparedness Month!

Since you follow us, It is very likely that you already have a great preparedness kit. One thing we share is that your preparedness kit should be a #backpack. By having a backpack style preparedness kit, it allows you to have both hands free to do other things like read important text messages, holding your flashlight for safe travels, or just earning your Wilderness Explorer Tribe 54, SweatLodge 12 badge.

Thanks for the support Russell – well done!


Mutts about today’s tips!

We’re #mutts about today’s post sharing the good words in the 2021 #National #Preparedness #Month!

This week, we continue to focus in on kits. And today, we want to enhance your #pet #preparedness #kits as our pets are an important part of our family. So here are some paws-ible options you could add to your pet preparedness kit.

*#Food – portioned and separated into individual bags so that it makes feeding and approximating how much food your pet needs
*#Water – Everyone is thirsty in a disaster
*#Medication – #flea #Tick #heartworm meds are important
*#vet medical card – in case you have to evacuate, your can easily document your pets’ medical conditions/issues to others providing veterinary care.
*#Pictures – in case you get separated, this will help identify you and your pet
We also included @FEMA’s list to help augment your pre-existing pet preparedness kit.

Just a few ideas to make you more furmiliar with your pet preparedness kit.



Kit…..kitt…..KITT!!!!! No, not that kind of kitt!

This week, we are focusing in on #preparedness #kits. But today we wanted to give you a few ideas for your #vehicle #preparedness kit.

*#JumperCables: Never know when your battery could go out.
*#TireGauge: After a disaster, debris litters the roadway. Good tire pressure is a good thing.
*#Blankets: Nice #picnic blanket OR keep you and the family warm this winter #szn.
*#FirstAid kit: Because we all have that one klutz in the #family.
*#WetWipes/#Diaper #wipes: When traveling, things just get dirty!
*AM/FM #radio: local #news #broadcast and emergency #phone #charger.
*A document folder: Nice to have a folder with critical documents for reference. #Insurance information, printed maps, important phone numbers from local resources, and of course the important family communications plan too! Just remember to regularly change it out to include the most up to date info.

Just a few more ways you can better prep yourself for any #emergency or #disaster.
All part of #2021 #National Preparedness Month

I bet KITT didn’t have a 3-ring binder in the front seat…


Lost? Why are things lost during September?!?

This week, we focus in on your kit. But if you wait till the last minute, it’ll be tough for you to have a complete #preparedness #kit. We encourage you to plan accordingly and ahead of time so that you are ready to handle any emergency.

Order your #supplies and readily check the #expiration #dates on specific items. Consider a regular rotation of items before they expire.

Bec late ain’t great. But on time is divine!

More preparedness tips all month long all to match #2021 National Preparedness Month!