Multi-alarm fire here in LA County (California) #Firefighter 

Here’s the quick recap on the multi-alarm fire I caught yesterday here in (LA County) California.

I was staying at a hotel in California and my Brother came knocking on my door. I opened it up and he said, “Hey, I think there’s a fire.” 

As soon as I smelled the smoke, I knew it was a working fire. 

I ran over to the hotel rooms to see if anyone was trapped.

Yep, it was a fire alright! 

Since the first due company wasn’t onscene yet, I knew I had to initiate the Search & Rescue part for possible trapped victims. Time to go to work! Room to room…here we go!

Sure glad to see you here Engine-21. MBFD E-21 onscene confirming the work. 

Engine-21: Crosslay to the door and make the hit.  Looks like they are going to have to cut some holes. 

I believe the fire probably made it into the void space.  Need a bigger hole lads!

Vertical ventilation – Ladder up lads!

Looks like they are going to have to do some real vertical ventilation.

Reporting to the ICP to give my report to the Batt Chief…but first, lemmie take a selfie.

Crews from various agencies showed up to assist.

Glad to see everyone working together.

After the fire, of course I gave my statements to the Arson Investigators.


Good work by all the crews onscene.  


Remember these three easy steps:

1. Always know two ways out.

2. Regularly practice fire safety with your entire family.

3. Fire can strike at any time. Be ready.

Stay safe peeps. 


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