DOJs announcement on AlphaBay #PIO

I was reviewing the press conference from DOJ’s announcement with DEA and Europol on the AlphaBay.

Outstanding announcement/news from all parties involved.

A quick note on looking out to the media – not one tablet showing.


Basically, it’s all back to notepad and paper – and their cell phones to post.

Nice complimentary folders from DOJ too.

Additionally, *I think there are more agency professionals in the room than reporters.

Also, the line of experts standing by the primary speaker to answer questions is quite long.

PIO duty has lots to plan on a multi-agency multi-national conference like this – including all agency heads as well as SMEs ready to answer specific questions.


Do I really need various filters for a profile picture on LinkedIn?

I wish LinkedIn would focus in on things that make a difference to their website. 

Filters (and for that matter – birthdays) are not important to the focus of LinkedIn.

I would recommend that everyone get a good head shot or at least a professionally shot picture for use as their profile picture.

I’d leave augmenting your profile picture for other social media platforms.

Supporting infrastructure today #NEORSD

Slight change of PIO plans today as I was initially assigned to ESF-13 (Law Enforcement) – I have been reallocated to support infrastructure.

So today, I spent some time with the NorthEast Ohio Regional Sewer District, their PIO/Outreach team, and WallyWaterDrop.

WallyWaterDrop and Jessica from NEORSD sharing important safety tips and stickers with everyone..

Great outreach event with Parent Magazine and with so many from our local area.

Also had a chance to pop a quick Periscope live video too.

Nice work Jen Elting!

Here’s a behind the scenes action shot (aka “making the magic happen”).

PIOs in action! (L to R: K. Sur, WallyWaterDrop, and J. Elting) PC: Chief J. Brewington

Great day to support our partners in public safety esp our PIO pros at NEORSD are an invaluable resource.

Fortunately, there was a Starbucks close by…so you know. #hydration

PIO + Coffee = Happy! PC: Chief J. Brewington

Reporting live with some Starbucks…