Sandy Hook Elementary School video and EM notes

As we remember the tragic events surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting, I would kindly remind you of a video that you can share.

Consider sharing the DHS line: “See Something, Say Something”

Additionally, here are my notes from 2014 PA EM conference w/ the local pros from Sandy Hook.

I hope this type of incident never happens again.


Solid day sharing tools and techniques with new PIOs in the state EOC

Packed house sharing lessons learned with countless PIOs in the EOC.

Even better, pushed some group work and facilitated discussion on how we do emergency messaging.

Yes, of course this includes Preparedness, Response, and crisis messaging.

Shared a bit on platforms and targeting audiences and really distilling messages including enhancing your posts to gain more visibility. And shared a few outside of the box success stories from my FEMA deployment to the USVI.

And of course highlighted a few new mobile apps including state preparedness apps, FEMA app, ARC app, etc….

Shout out to all my new PIO friends.

Go forth and use your new social media powers for good!


Thanks to my DIV/SUPs! PIOs = critical resource in any disaster operations

Special thanks to our FEMA Division Supervisor Newton Tang…

FEMA PIO Kevin Sur and FEMA DIV/SUP Newton Tang

…andĀ FEMA Division Supervisor Patrick Cornbill…

FEMA PIO Kevin Sur and FEMA DIV/SUP Patrick Cornbill

…for working with your favorite FEMA PIO on this news assignment.

As always, your Public Information Officer (PIO) is a critical resource before, during, and after the disaster.

“He’s actually working!” – WNBC (NY) Reporter Michael Gargiulo

Emergency Management is all about solidifying relationships and accommodating the local & national media is critical in getting the word out to the rest of the world for ongoing recovery operations.

PIO = totes important.

Reporting live from….well, you know.