NIMS ICS All-Hazards Liaison Officer Course day-2

Day-2 of the All-Hazards IMT Liaison Officer Course at Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Lots to discuss as we continue to share real-world examples of LOFRs in action.

Got a chance to share my experiences from Operation Barclay w/ the USNavy as well as other disasters.

Also want to mention this rockstar, my co-instructor Rhode Island Exercise Officer Steve is OUTSTANDING!

Great to teach with an instructor with real experience and believes in coordination with locals in any disaster.

I’d teach with this guy in a heartbeat. Ask Elayne, he’s solid.

Great fun class with so much experience. I can’t remember the last time we had this kind of diversity from local, county, state, and Federal participation.

As we close out the class, aka demobilization, I always review the comments.

Awwwwww, you are the best!!!! *blush*

EMI is going to have fun inputting those comments. #BOOM

<But seriously, I might have to frame that first one.>

Special thanks to my old friends in central Ohio….and many thanks to my new friends from across the country. It was a great week to be teaching NIMS/ICS All-Hazards Incident Management Team Liaison Officer to real pros.

Happy AlohaFriday everyone!


AH IMT LOFR course and a quick SURprise

Another All-Hazards Incident Management Team course? I’m in!

Yep-bring on the new LOFR Candidates! (LOFR=Liaison Officer)

Good morning Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security!

Great to see some old friends and partners and pros!

Welcome intro by FCEMHS Deputy Director Darrel Koerber to all of our participants from across the country.

Where from?

Holey moley!

Lots to discuss as we dive deep into the role of the Liaison Officer.

And of course how they fit into the Command and General Staff structure of the ICS-207 chart.

Great dialog between groups as we had lots of participation from locals as well as Federal partners.

Don’t mind the dated course materials….I doubt any Liaison officer still uses a direct view computer monitor anymore.

But it was great to see such participation from the USCG.

Additionally, we had great dialog from the Ohio National Guard, health departments, Emergency Management, and the US National Park Service.

Ahhhhh, LOFR = fun class!

Soooooo at lunch, I opted to swing by for a SURprise.

That’s right – hello Ohio EMA and hiya Emily!

This will be the second Advanced PIO course that I stopped in on. And yes, lots of the participants were my former students….so it was great to see that kind of return as they progress on up through the ranks and continuing their education with PIOs and ESF-15.

While turning in paperwork, I happen to also run into Steve and Susan too!

Fun times back in Ohio for a quick hello!

Reporting live from the steps of the State of Ohio Emergency Management Agency….


Infrastructure Protection TEEX class at DuPage County OHSEM – with BARRY!

Outstanding Wednesday morning at our house as we host Texas A&M TEEX class on Infrastructure Protection!

An absolute PACKED house with our partner public safety agencies from across Illinois attending here at DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

I was super excited to see long time Emergency Management Training guru Barry Webb who now travels the country and shares his decades of experience with others across the US.

Good to see so many of our partner agencies contributing to stronger more resilient community.

Great to see a solid program at the DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Outstanding to see a smiling Cincinnati Ohio face – Barry~!!!!!!

Reporting live from Training room-2…