FEMA Basic PIO course at the PSOC

Morning start to the FEMA Basic Public Information Officer course at the Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC)

Welcome and good morning by Mr. JB himself!

Packed house with multiple disciplines represented from Fire, EMS, Police, Emergency Management, ESF-12, higher education, Search and Rescue, Coroners Office, etc…

Like a good Emergency Manager, I found the EOC.

They have soooo many tools and toys to play with!

As all FEMA Basic PIO courses, we are staunch advocates of putting all participants in front of the camera. No matter what kind of experience level or years in the position, you can always learn by practicing your skills in front of others.

We typically hear complaints.

  • I didn’t get enough time to prepare.
  • I didn’t get the information in time.
  • I don’t know anything about plane crashes!

Blah blah blah. But the reality of the situation is….IT HAPPENS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!

So yeah, we want to train like you fight.

For those that were wondering “Has this ever happened before?” Yes.

Looking forward to tomorrow day-2 with our news media panel, interview reviews, and focus on social media.


Two Sunday rando fun facts

Two Sunday fun facts:

1. The Sears Tower’s elevator is one of the fastest in the world, traveling at 1,600 feet per minute.

Zoom zoom!

2. Did you know there’s a research ship called the “Point Sur”?

I don’t think it can make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs but I’m not gonna lie, I kinda want to ride on it…


Social Media Engagement Strategies in Cinci!

Friday starting out great as we lead into another Social Media Engagement Strategies course at the Health Collaborative in Cincinnati.

Special thanks to the Hamilton County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency for bringing this course for all the public safety partners.

Great to see Matt again.

Not only talking about solid strategies for public safety agencies, but good ways to combat the negative behaviors we see so often online.

Happy to share a few additional tactics to enhance the accounts for all of those who attended here.

More importantly, soooo glad to see so many familiar faces in the crowd as we continue to collaborate in preparedness and response. I am confident that this kind of training helps bring our services together and allows us to talk strategically on how we are going to address problems on social media.

Shout out to Christa and the gang at the Health Collaborative. Outstanding group and a great class – mahalos!


Franklin County HS&EM for SM Engagement Strategies

Wednesday morning here at the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security for another FEMA/NDPTC Advanced Social Media class. Intros and welcome from Deputy Director Darrel Koerber.

Lots to discuss as we continue to share ways to handle social media situations like how often do you post? Is there a magic number?

We get these kinds of questions all the time, but there is a certain way and a bunch of strategies that need to be in place before. And if you are going to ask, you just can’t post willy nilly to social media. There has to be a plan.

Many times, attendees believe we just post random things to social media. Truth be told, real communications pros have a plan when posting information. There are critical issues that need to be addressed as well as reasons for every action taken on social media.

If your PIO or social media manager is posting just to post or is randomly doing things on social without a plan…..your manager isn’t a pro. He/she is likely an amateur because the actions on social media should be a calculated, well planned strategy, with precise execution.

And how to handle trolls.

Trolls ain’t easy to handle.

On top of that, we talk about social media’s use during exercise play…esp a well planned and coordinated effort during an exercise.

If you have planned an exercise and included social media as an afterthought, I would encourage you to go back and review HSEEP. Please.

Always great to catch up to old friends and colleagues.

Lots has changed over the last 15 years, but we all still have great memories.

Also so good to see Ohio’s SAA comments on our performance today.


Stoked to see soooo many familiar faces in the crowd today. Proud of the accomplishments of others as we continue to serve communities and Public Information Officers from Ohio.