Pay attention to safety briefings

As much of the US starts to return back into he normal flow of work, that means lots of travel for many of our friends and family.

Airplanes are just one way we can all be better prepared.

First off, look at the flight attendants as they give the briefing. I am sure they don’t like sharing life-saving info to someone not paying attention…esp since it could be their life.

Second, pay attention to your seating. I recently observed a gal on the plane verbally agree to “assisting during an emergency.” This was requested by the flight crew on a commercial flight. After the flight attendant walked away, said passenger said out loud to her seated partner “I ain’t doing anything so you better help out!”

Lastly, and most easiest, you can open the safety card. No reading involved, just pictures to jog your memory.

Just another way you can be better prepared for any kind of in-flight emergency.

Besides, your actions are contagious. When I opened my safety card, the guy next to me stared at me….and then without prompting, he reached and opened his card to review the materials. I thanked him for his conscious effort in safety for himself and others around him.

Better safe than sorry.

More stuff coming up!


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