Did someone say public alert sirens?

Did someone say public alert sirens?

While not as powerful as typical pole mounted tornado sirens, this is a perfect example of being creative in teaching children about the dangers of bad weather and what are some early warning signs and then what actions they need to take to keep them safe.

So often, we observe people running outside after hearing a #tornado siren…basically looking for the tornado. That is not good because once a tornado siren is going off, it’s means a tornado has been spotted. Seek shelter immediately!

Don’t let your kids build bad habits, teach them safety – the right way.
Teach them about weather, tornado sirens activation, and weather radios.
Consider using the hand-held siren to help kickstart lively discussions on tornado safety.

Besides, who doesn’t love to make some noise?!?!?
Related note: I’m putting in the requisition to the boss that I NEED this resource….

More fun tips to help teach kids about #disasters / #emergencies tomorrow.


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