Almonds…I hate almonds now.

Decided it would be nice to have some almonds for a change. Seemed healthier than honey roasted peanuts right?

As I was chewing through my first handful, the 4th bite in was….heart stopping.

As soon as I bit, my left rear molar was in some pretty serious pain. Like shooting excruciating pain.

As I was making the emergency appointment with the dentist, I had a weird feeling. Like Han feeling.

After x-rays were shot, I was informed that I would be losing a tooth in a few minutes.

Not chipped, not cracked, not cavity, not root canal…but a complete tooth extraction.

And here we are. The almond cracked my rear molar in half.

Almond=1 vs my tooth=0

The Dentist asked what I do. I said I am currently serving as the External Affairs Officer. He laughed and then said I just bought myself 3 days off of work because I won’t be able to talk properly to anyone…including news reporters and TV interviews. Sigh.

And here we are.

Looks like I’ll be OOS for a few days.



Throw away your mask please! #bubbles

After a long day as the External Affairs Officer, I noticed that there is a significant amount of gloves and masks scattered on the sidewalks throughout the city.

C’mon now – this is why we can’t have nice things!

Look, I am proud that you opted to wear a mask, but please dispose of them when you are done. By being responsible, we can continue the decrease in spreading Coronavirus. Simple ask huh?

But as I made the turn to the front door, I noticed a bunch of bubbles in the air.

I had to take a deep breath as this little 60-second break was sooo nice. My phone didn’t ring, no checking social media….nothing. Just me and some bubbles floating around on a nice clear day. 

During these stressful times, it’s important to take a few moments to reflect and laugh at simple things. We all have tough jobs that are incredibly demanding.

As professionals, we all need to find outlets on how we can de-stress, de-clutter, and disengage for a bit. Honestly, I am not that good at any of these three things, but I am making a more converted effort in 2020.

If you were wondering, my brief bubblemania trance was stopped after a meres 60 seconds as my phone rang. It was the Chicago Tribune.


“Emergency Management, this is Kevin. Can I help you?”


Essential professionals out there 24/7

Aside from our healthcare professionals who are front line of this emergency, we need to think of all those Firefighters and Police Officers who also interact with patients every minute.

24 hours a day, we have emergency response officials risking their lives to save those who need help the most.

The solution isn’t as easy as sending gloves and masks to the hospital.

The solution isn’t as easy as tell people to stay home.

It’s more of a complex response that requires logistics, planning, and proper all-hazards execution so that we can consistently beat the odds when it comes to Coronavirus.

And this country isn’t all the same. Each part of the country has specific needs and response officials need to act accordingly to address those gaps.

This battle isn’t over yet…we have lots more to do.

Emergency Management is the main coordinating agency for this all-hazards response.


Media inquiries on various social media platforms

Aside from fielding media calls all day long, we are regularly facing an onslaught of contacts on various platforms.

For those that were wondering how open should your agency be on social media, I love it. However, you need to manage expectations and balance your time. Like you can’t be 100% social media right? You likely have social media as “other duties as assigned” right?

We often talk about it in class and regularly about how important it is to assess platforms. Prioritizing your platforms esp focused on where your audiences live is critical on how you spend your time passing good/trusted information.

So I love to see that agencies are on various social media platforms because we pledge transparency and openness. But please make sure your agency can respond timely to any requests that come through. You don’t want media inquiries lost in space.



No liquor sales starting April 9th at 2100 in Chicago

To help further reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, the City of Chicago has instituted a stop on all liquor sales starting Thursday April 9, 2020 at 2100.

No vodka for you!

Imagine if you were the lead PIO and had to tell people that in addition to your shelter in place order, and always wear a mask, and frequently wash your hands…now you cannot purchase liquor too.

Interesting as it’s being labeled as a “Public Health Order” huh.

I am sure pros will debate this preventive Coronavirus action for years.


Amidst the COVID19 response, we have severe thunderstorms rolling through now

Despite the middle of our response, we got some serious weather too.

Watch = Conditions are right.

Warning = It’s here! Seek shelter now!

That’s right, now you know why Emergency Management is the best agency to lead this kind of response.

Whether it’s health emergency or large scale emergency or #basic severe weather or Godzilla…Emergency Management is THE coordinating agency to handle your disaster.

Now, go and seek cover!!


My Monday mask that works well for me

Am I wearing a mask? Yep.

What kind of mask? I have a plethora of masks that work well for me.

Surgical masks, Standard N95s…

But truth be told, my neck gaiters work the best for my face as the added coverage helps it stay in place.

Now just because I use it, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you. So YOU have to figure out which mask works best for you and what fits you the best.

Regardless what type of mask you wear on a Monday morning, just make sure you set an excellent example by wearing a mask.

Your favorite EAO thanks you for being an outstanding citizen and kind/caring human.

Reporting live from the JIC….