Day-4 of the FEMA Basic Academy with links to the Module-9: Mitigation

Day-4 of the FEMA Basic Academy

A few links to follow along in the discussion

Slide-6: National Mitigation Framework


Slide-9: Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000


STT Tutu Mall DRC – What is Mitigation?


Slide-29: Illinois EMA State Hazard Mitigation Officer:

Illinois EMA State Hazard Mitigation Specialist:

Illinois Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan-October 2018


Slide-30: FEMA Region-V Mitigation Division Director Mary Beth Caruso


Slide-31: Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 (FEMA to provide up to 25% of estimated costs for eligible hazard mitigation measures before they are incurred.)

Slide-31: National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Why do I need to know about flood insurance coverage? Video click here.


Slide-38: Do you qualify for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program? Find out here.


Hazard mitigation?





Day-3 of the FEMA Basic Academy

FEMA Basic Academy Module-7 links for today.

Lots of talk on resilience.



Slide-25: Tribal specific classes

IS-0318 Mitigation Planning for Local and Tribal Communities

E-0580: Emergency Management Framework for Tribal Governments

E-0581: Emergency Operations for Tribal Governments

E-0582: Mitigation for Tribal Governments

L-0583: Emergency Management Overview for Tribal Leaders

L-0552: Continuity of Operations (COOP) for Tribal Governments

Current list of FEMA HQ/Regional Tribal Liaisons: click here

FEMA Region V William Sulinckas:

FEMA Region X Jay LaPlante:


Slide-28: Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)


Hurricane Maria: US Virgin Islands (St. John)

Day-2 of the FEMA Basic Academy at DuPage County OHSEM

Day-2 of the our FEMA Basic Academy.

Here’s a few links you can use to follow along in module-4 (Preparedness)

Slide-5: Presidential Policy Directive-8 (PPD-8)-

Slide-6: National Preparedness Goal-

Slide-8: National Preparedness Report-

Slide-11: FEMA Core Capabilities-

Slide-17: National Preparedness System-

Slide-20/21: Threat Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (THIRA) and CPG201

Slide-25: National Incident Management System (NIMS)-

Slide–40: Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-

Slide-41: Homeland Security Grant Programs including SHSGP/SHSP, UASI, OPSG-

FY2019 funding = $1,095,000,000.00

FY2018 funding = $1,067,000,000.00

FY2017 funding = $1,037,000,000.00

FY2016 funding = $1,037,000,000.00

FY2015 funding = $1,044,000,000.00

FY2014 funding = $1,043,346,000.00

Slide-41: Port Security Grant Program-

Working the Emergency Management magic and reporting live from the front of the class…


Quick chat with FEMA Deputy Administrator Dan Kaniewski

I was fortunate this week to sit down this week with FEMA Deputy Administrator for Resilience Dan Kaniewski at FEMA HQ.

Dan’s efforts across the country has helped pushed the importance of preparedness and strength for any community. With regular talks on flood insurance and hazard mitigation, his ability to bring pre-disaster planning to the forefront has been solid as we continue to help many communities better prepare for any disaster or emergency.

Dan’s hard fought efforts is not only with government agencies, but various partners in the public and private sector too. The importance of their efforts will only help better their community when disaster strikes.

Glad to see our top brass pushing for more preparedness every single day too.

Reporting live from FEMA HQ…Happy Aloha Friday peeps!