Today at the Capitol

I’m appalled at the actions and ongoing actions of those who breeched, vandalized, looted, and desecrated our nation’s Capitol.

Your mob mentality is reprehensible and senseless.

Justice will be swift and harsh for your embarrassing actions. Blood has been spilled. I hope the consequences of your actions will haunt you forever.

The events from today/tonight will impact all of us differently but hopefully drive us all to cooperate and fundamentally act for peace and safety of all.


Another press conference

Another day, another Governor’s press conference.

But here’s some behind the scenes setups that could work for you.

Notice how the room is setup for indoors to respect social distancing.

Lighting is great as it doesn’t blind the talent.

Allows real-time 508 compliance with the American Sign Language Interpreter(s).

Well done to Gov Lamont and his staff.


Feeding the soul

Apparently, it’s Saturday and sometimes we don’t get to have a day off.

Like we legit usually don’t get days off when we are deployed. That’s right, often times, when in deployed status, we don’t get much time off as our work is time sensitive and critical to our mission.

But tonight? I gotta take a few moments to feed my music Soul.



FEMA’s Coordination work for New Hampshire on WMUR-9 today

Final preps underway for today’s WMUR TV Interview highlighting FEMA’s work on COVID, PPE, and vaccination support for New Hampshire.

Coordination isn’t easy. Period.

But I’m proud to share the COVID coordination work that FEMA has been doing for all in New England.

Also glad to see local boy WMMUR Anchor and Reporter Mike Cherry with us on the ABC affiliate interview.

Cheeee hou!