ICS-400 with all public safety and our partners from DoD

This particular ICS-400 class, we have lots of involvement with the US Military. Several participants from the Army as well as the US Coast Guard.

So proud to teach and serve our active duty military who serve to protect our freedoms. Additionally super glad to see the embodying the ICS-400 concepts and share discussion over resources we could all utilize before, during, and after a disaster.

As you know, our military and DOD partners are an incredible resource for public safety and DHS.

Reporting live from the front of the ICS-400 class….


ICS-400 talking about Area Command

Another ICS-400 Advanced ICS course with my new favorite bunch of participants.

Lots of pros here today engaged in conversation about past disasters and special events. Engaging dialog with Area Command and how they prioritize actions on the incident.

Heck, I’m just glad to see actual networking and so many engaged in fruitful conversations about establishing relationships prior to an emergency.

That’s what Emergency Management is all about. Building relationships.

Reporting live from the front of the ICS-400 class…


Eggs and a few safety tips

Saturday eggs. Likely what most of you are doing too.

But because of the concentrated tabs and vinegar, this stuff is kinda dangerous.

Safety tip-1: Be careful where you drip the egg coloring. If you spill, clean up immediately. It will definitely stain your marble countertops.

Additionally, its going to be cold on Easter Sunday so dress the kiddos warmly.

And finally, don’t forget to account for all hidden treasures….or else, you will have a hidden smelly treasure waiting for you on Tuesday or Wednesday. #Yikes

Have a safe holiday peeps!