Saturday from the Weekend Update Desk…

Sometimes Public Information Officers get to do some feature stories. But rarely in the studio.

Lots has been happening this week as we look at the readiness of our nation. Remember, this month is National Preparedness Month!

I know some of you out there are just one underwear away from being a disaster yourself so I would recommend a better preparedness kit…and of course more underwear.

Reporting live from the Weekend News Desk, I’m @rusnivek

Starting the Communications and ICS training today

This afternoon’s command comms training w/ my #EmergencyManagement staff includes this…

Awwww yeah baby!

Afternoon training w/ my Emergency Management staff as we creatively work through some ICS & NIMS concepts on terminology and situational awareness / common operating Procedures (SA/COP).

See, I can see smiles.

Yep that’s right – ICS training can be fun. You just have to find the right instructor.


Faster than the El #Chicago

Um, what’s flying overhead today?

PC: CShimala

Nice to see these our special teams training within the city on rotor-wing vertical insertion.

PC: CShimala

Navigation is harder than it seems esp in a metro area.

PC: CShimala

Trust me, these highly skilled teams and pilots are well trained at this kind of actions.

Take note of the NVGs. Yeah. Moons out, goons out.

Proud to be on the same side as these teams.


Day-5 of the DHS/FEMA Master PIO

Day-5 of the DHS/FEMA Master PIO….it’s been a long week for us.

Lots of great work and solid discussion amongst the pros above.

Now that we have discussed, and solved a few PIO problems along the way, we can all breathe a bit easier.

As we all step back and admire our accomplishments, we also take time to acknowledge our efforts for the entire nation.

There are 11 new DHS/FEMA Master PIOs finishing up activities this week.

And now the DHS/FEMA Master Public Information Officers (MPIO) graduating class of 2018:

  • J. Brooks (Colorado)
  • M. Brooks (Oklahoma)
  • M. Coppin (Missouri)
  • C. Hunt (Maryland)
  • R. Moreno (Texas)
  • R. Reith (Indiana)
  • K. Sur (Illinois)
  • T. Taylor (Arizona)
  • M. Trost (Colorado)
  • J. Willard (Florida)
  • J. Zidek (Alaska)


I am so proud to be one of them.

Whohooooooooo! But now…the hard part starts.

Through our EVERYDAY work, we must lead, challenge, and inspire others to carry on and continue to push the envelope further. We shall work tirelessly to serve others and continue to serve our jurisdictions with pride and honor.

Reporting live from FEMA EMI, I’m Master PIO Kevin T. Sur…