Love is an open door!

What the….

I think I might need more sleep as I am sure I just quoted a line from Frozen.

But seriously, good time to check in on friends at the front lines of this Coronavirus issue. We all know they have been working hard to keep people safe and hopefully reunite those with family members.

Give them a call on this overcast Saturday afternoon.

Send them a text and see how they are doing.

Most important, be a friend and take the time to listen.

The COVID vaccine rolled out this week across this nation…and lots of frontline healthcare workers are elated to hear that news.


First nursing home Coronavirus vaccinations in the nation!

Proud of our partners in Connecticut for rolling out the first #Coronavirus #COVID vaccine administration at four nursing homes this morning. Starting out in West Hartford!

The first in the nation!!!!!!

Lots of logistical work and coordination in place to continue our fight against COVID19.

The partnerships between local, county, state, tribal, territory, and Federal partners is critical as we vaccinate everyone.

From your favorite PIO…


Khyron planning for interviews

Quick tip for all those leaders and PIOs out in the field.

Since we’re all doing more Zoom/Teams/Adobe type interviews, the same principles of framing the shot still apply. News stations still have to apply lettering and appropriate spelling of your name, title, and agency your are representing when you talk which means YOU have to plan and frame your own self in the shot.

If not, things could go askew and your name and title could be covering up your face.

So try your best and pull away from the camera a bit. Get a wider shot which might give your webcam a better focus length and maybe even take some of the glare off of your face.

Not only plan, but practice this technique with your leadership staff as they are gearing up for more virtual interviews as the weather gets worse.

Reporting live from virtual interview land…


Vaccines in DuPage County (IL)

Good to see the COVID Coronavirus vaccine arrive in DuPage County Illinois.

Lots of moving parts in the logistics but glad to see the coordination for our Tier-1a peeps like frontline healthcare workers.

For those wondering, accountability is huge so double watchful eyes check and recheck all those vaccines!

Just a little snippet from DuPage County, Illinois

From your (still deployed) PIO…