Heat-related illnesses!

Knowing the differences is critical when determining the need for immediate medical care.

  • Heat Stroke, also referred to as “sun stroke,” degrades the body’s temperature control system, which regulates perspiration. A victim experiencing heat stroke can suffer brain damage or death if they do not receive proper medical care.
  • Heat Exhaustion typically occurs when people overexert themselves in hot, humid weather conditions. Heat exhaustion causes an increase in blood flow to the skin, resulting in a deprivation of blood in the vital organs. If untreated, heat exhaustion may cause a victim to suffer heat stroke.
  • Heat Cramps are muscular pains and spasms due to heavy exertion. Although heat cramps are non-life threatening, they are often a precursor to more serious heat-related health concerns.


Each year, extreme heat is responsible for hundreds of deaths in the United States. Medical professionals are available 24/7 to respond.

Stay informed and know the signs/symptoms.

Hydrate often peeps!



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