Boots…with my suit

Pondering a bunch today.


Specialization or not. That seems to be a common question for many of us. However, this is one that plagues Emergency Professionals all the time. We are required to be the Jack of all Trades and the Master of all…but the reality is that we collectively work and collaborate with other professionals to make things better. BTW-if you have been in my class, about now, the words All-Hazards planning should come to mind.

Personally, I seek the challenge of doing greater good. Yet, I am still conflicted by my white shirt. That’s my inner struggle. I’ve talked about it many times.

Like my forefathers before, the lead from the front mantra still rings true. I just have to find a way to wear my boots with my suit.


As Americans, we need to hold the values of all of our forefathers closer to our hearts. We need to focus on the real issues at hand…not just political rhetoric. I get it, but we don’t have the time to waste. We all need to be informed…like read more, speak less, and actively participate in our communities. Everywhere.

As a country, we need to be steadfast in our resolve for freedoms, support worthwhile good endeavors, and of course be vigilant in protecting this great nation.

Yup. I have a few big decisions coming up….I just hope I make the right ones.



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