Leading off #2015NIPC today #2015NIPC #NIPC2015 #Katrina10

Leading off the 2015 Nebraska Infrastructure Protection Conference Day-2!


The big room for my leadoff presentation today. Woof!

Task Force Deployment to Hurricane Katrina/Rita to Louisiana’s Lower 9th Ward – St. Bernard Parish.

Why do I look so tiny?!?

Glad to tell my story, but more importantly, I am happy to share how we have improved disaster response in 10 short years. Great strides in immediate response and assessments, real situational awareness/commmon operating procedures, and of course coordination and command for the all-hazards responders. Check out the #Katrina10 community resilience story from my colleagues at SBPFD:

It is only through training/education and exercising that we are able to bring these new actions to light.


Well of course I want you to tweet about it-duh!

We must continue to be vigilant in exercising our skills with various partners in public safety.

Glad to showcase the work of my fellow public safety professionals from Ohio as well as so many professionals behind the scenes at DHS/FEMA.

Me? I’m just glad to me a part of the process.

If you were wondering, I have a wireless mic…and I am hoping NOT to have a Naked Gun movie moment.


ah! My arch enemy…the wireless mic.

Stop me if you heard this one before…

Reporting live from Region-7.


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