Weird GPS coordinates posted in CNN’s background design

If you happen to watch CNN a lot, you start to notice weird things about the backgrounds designs in their news stories. The blue background in particular.


This one has strange repeating coordinates that scroll upwards behind the dual screen and repeat what appears to be GPS coordinates.

Since I am a certified FEMA Tech Info Specialist (#NerdAlert), I took the liberty to plot them out. The coordinates (N: 40 26.21   x   W: 78 58.34) plot out to Tuo Gelaya or Gaizilikezhen in Xinjiang Province in China.

Unknown why this is the static location they picked to be displayed, but that’s where it plots out to.

Why did I even bother to nerd this out? On initial glance, I thought it was close to the NE Ohio area (N41 x W-81), but upon closer inspection, I didn’t see the – sign in the West coordinates. Therefore, it is not in NE Ohio, it is in China.

Glad I got to the bottom of that mystery.



3 thoughts on “Weird GPS coordinates posted in CNN’s background design

  1. Go to

    The GPS coordinates are in DMS notation:
    The text is 40°26’21″N 79°58’36″W

    In DD notation: Latitude: 40.439167 | Longitude: -79.976667

    You forgot the minus sign for the longitude. So, It’s Pittsburgh, not China!…

    The address is: 2021 Colwell St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

    “Glad I got to the bottom of that mystery”

    • I had to look three times, my vision must be getting bad.
      You did solve that mystery.
      But why highlight those coordinates? It seems weird to pick 2021 Colwell right?

      • I have no idea why these coordinates. 2021 Colwell right is a free parcel of land owned by the city of Pittsburgh. It might be possible to buy it.

        Would be cool to own a shack there and have its coordinates broadcasted by CNN…

        Or, someone buried a body there… Humm…

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