PIO Training focused on crisis communications and social media

Glad to be back in southern Ohio teaching some Public Information Officers from the local areas on crisis communications and social media.

Shared some new materials and had a long discussion on emerging social media platforms. Surprisingly, it seemed that SnapChat has really caught the interest of several participants.

Over the course of two days, we reviewed numerous national media interviews including specific cases that occurred in Ohio. 

Also got a chance to show success stories like Cleveland’s #CJSavesCLE program from December 2015.

Working through tabletop exercises, we sectioned the group to address crisis interviews, social media posts, on scene PIO reporting, and press release writing.

Crisis interviews went well utilizing the 3-point system.

Because of the speed and layers of approvals, press releases were not voted the favorite way to communicate with the general public. 

However, participants enjoyed crisis interviews part of the training.

Sharpened PIO skills by doing some on scene self-reporting. 

By formulating tweets prior to an incident (pre-scripted social media posts) allows primary agencies to focus on other tactical / operational objectives.

But providing high quality timely video reports from the scene will allow the local PIO to have total control over the message going out and support the media’s needs before they arrive on scene.

Mitigating hostile interviews are a just another part of a PIO’s duties. Pivoting and bridging are just a few ways to change direction during a media interview.

Even experimented/worked on the selfie-stick self-reporting onscene interview. Nice work Chief!

Pretty good for his first time with a selfie-stick for scene reporting!

Since we were all concentrating, I figured it would be a good time for a funny picture. (Apparently) I *might have only said that in my mind.

I had a great time with everyone in class.

Now use your new PIO powers for good.

And use your new found social media skillz to better your community.

Most importantly, Happy #AlohaFriday everyone!

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