Official State of Ohio EMA G-291 JIC JIS

Kicking off the State of Ohio Emergency Management Agency G-291: Joint Information Center (JIC) / Joint Information System (JIS) Planning for Tribal, State, and Local PIOs at the Cincinnati UASI Regional Operations Center today.

Lots of group work discussing challenges as a single PIOs onscene.

Sharing ideas between law enforcement (ESF-13), Columbus Port Authority, Public Health, Fire, EMS, private industry, colleges/university, HAZMAT, and American Red Cross are a great way to pre-identify gaps in a Joint Information Center.

Additionally, focusing in on strengthens in the JIC will help position the staff during a real disaster response.

Often times we forget that as professionals, we are not our best at 0300. Ugly. Very ugly. But by training and exercising our skills with our partners in public safety – these solutions can only strengthen our coordination in the Joint Information Center (JIC).

As usual, I told the class that they should freely tweet, post, gram, and snap DURING class. 

And like a bunch of pros, they worked the social media magic.

Insta Magic – ✅

And they hit up on SnapChat too. 

After a long day, participants were able to muster up a little Aloha for the world today from Cincinnati. 

A final Alohas to Barry Webb for his unwavering dedication to Emergency Management.

Solid class and great participants from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana in the ROC!

I’m excited to hear of all the new JIC progress from all my PIO participants. 

Excited to be given this opportunity by Ohio EMA and Cincinnati UASI team to teach this state course.

Excited for the next one!


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