Day-2 of the All Hazard #IMT #Logistics #Section #Chief class w/ #Ohio Task Force-1

Solid Day-2 of the All-Hazards Incident Management Team Logistics Section Chief Course at Ohio Task Force-1 in Dayton, (OH).

Great participation today from NYPD ESU members, Dayton Fire, and Team Rubicon as they worked on a traffic plan Table Top Exercise (TTE).

Outstanding planning by our friends from Dayton Fire, Tennessee Task Force-1, and DMAT officials on traffic flow issues esp focusing in and leveraging historical data to improve response times and evacuation routes during large scale events.

Afternoon was packed with solid discussion on Supply Unit Leader position with focus on costs and burn rates for large disasters. Close communications w/ the Finance Section Chief and Plans Section Chief is critical to a successful incident by minimizing overages and expenditures by everyone in the Command & General Staff.

Effective resource management and allocation is key to a well oiled LSC.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Logistics makes the magic happen.

Also free MREs to everyone in class too. Yum!

Great day of training with so many pros from across the country!


1 thought on “Day-2 of the All Hazard #IMT #Logistics #Section #Chief class w/ #Ohio Task Force-1

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