Day-4 of the AH IMT Logistics Section Chief course w/ Ohio Task Force-1

Day-4 in the All-Hazards Incident Management Team Logistics Section Chief course we continue to enhance the skills of participants to include briefings and Situational Awareness / Common Operating Picture (SA/COP).

And as a AH IMT LSC, leaning in is a learned skill from experienced disaster response professionals.

It is not an innate behavior.

Lots of stories from NYPD’s ESU team members, great deployment tips from the Tennessee Task Force-1 members.
(BTW-did you know TN-TF-1 is the most deployed FEMA USAR team in the nation?)
With so many all-hazards pros in our class, it’s been a great class.

By simulating various briefings and updates, participants can train for real-world briefings with the rest of the Command and General Staff (C&GSF).

Lots of fun as groups report out.

Even got a chance to PIO tweet from the front of the class.

PC: A. Ingram

PC: A. Ingram

I know, you are shocked. #OMG

Don’t worry, FEMA HQ has an eye on my class.

Mahalos to my fantastic FEMA Insta squad in DC.

My attendees from all over this great nation: Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Tennessee, New York, and Michigan.

Looking forward to tomorrow cause you know it’s #AlohaFriday.

Logistics makes the world go round. 

Reporting live from Ohio Task Force-1….


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