In 2017, I’m trying something new a few times a week

In 2017, I vowed to try a few new things.


Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen – the continuous improvement of work efforts and personal efficiency, I decided that I take a few moments each week to do some meditation.


I don’t need to bang any gongs or burn any incense. (<–cause that would be a fire hazard). I just figured firming up my position might help a bit to refocus on priorities.


What brought all this? It was really my visit to the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.


In my humble opinion (IMHO), one of the most spectacular places to visit.


Many parts make up the sum. Aside from rainfall, the sounds of calm override most.


With my meditation, these things help too.

  • Sip green tea.
  • Two hands.
  • Centering my soul.
  • Smooth thoughts. (Obv a nod to the motto “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”)


Let’s see how this goes.


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