Friendly #AlohaFriday reminder: Wipers on = Lights on! #Preparedness

Hello terrible weather! Today the weather sucks. I’d encourage you to reference your local National Weather Service Office (NWS) for more detailed information.

Wet weather make driving conditions poor…esp with low visibility for everyone. So you can imagine that the combination of rain, slick roads, and poor drivers make it tough on any motorist.

Good safety messages include a simple one that people forget. When it’s raining, TURN YOUR DAMN HEALIGHTS ON!!

This simple action allows other vehicles to identify your position and plan accordingly while driving. Simple and easy action that could actually save lives.

Additionally high winds make it difficult for semi trucks or other high profile vehicles to operate and increase the risk of  getting blown over while driving at high speeds on the open highways.

Whether alongside or behind, keep a sizable distance and watch closely as you pull up along side.

Also – don’t text and drive. You might die.


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