Media panel for WEWS-channel 5 for PIOs & PAOs

So in a change of normal trainings, I opted to drive down a different path for our PIOs from across the state. I decided to have a media panel to talk candidly about…well PIO and media stuff! And WEWS News Channel-5 was up in the quarterly rotation!

Hiya Mike!

Note: Sarah Phinney was supposed to have joined too, but sadly, she got held over at her work for that winery explosion down south.

Me? I’ve worked with Mike for years but have never met him in-real-life. This caused much confusion/consternation from almost all the attendees as both of us are labeled as “black clouds” and magnets. So in the name of safety, I took the extra precaution in protecting myself.

PC Credit: SBosso on Insta

Safety first right?

We chatted openly on items that news media needs and has to have to produce news at 5a and 12n and 5pm and 10p.

PC: E. Creech

Here are just a few of the takeaways from this training workshop:

  1. “Off the record will eventually become – on the record”
  2. “Stop trying to avoid me onscene. Do not hide in bushes!”
  3. “I prefer a tweet vs an email.”

I ran some of the workshop like an Inside the Actor’s Studio Q&D. (“What makes you smile”)

As a token of my appreciation, I wanted to offer up toMike – all his tireless efforts in showcasing public safety in various communities across Ohio…

PC: E. Creech

Twinkies?!? What about the Twinkies?

Yes, I figured Twinkies wouldn’t go to waste esp since Mike primarily works nights.

Thank you to Kevin Brennan, Rebecca Hysing, and everyone at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health for the hospitality and use of their large meeting room.

Thank you to all the PIOs who took the time and attended from all over the state.

Very special thanks to my crew in helping to day-of coordinate today’s events.

More training to come!


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