Day-2 of the IMT Plans Section Chief Course here in Cinci

Day-2 of the Incident Management Team Plans Section Chief course here in SW Ohio.

We got lots to do today including more discussion on SITL and RESL – both play an integral role in disaster operations on every single IAP.

And to help concrete the point home, I was able to bring in my toys I mean my teaching aides. 

Using creative aides like these help parrticipants concrete teaching points that are critical to the Plans Section.

Without accurate info and Situational Awareness Common Operating Picture (SA/COP) we as response/recovery agencies cannot support our objectives. And of course, from a learning perspective, all of our participants had fun.

Maybe too much fun playing with everything and accounting for everything.  #TCards4Lyfe

As an Emergency Management Instructor, it is our duty to talk about all-hazards responses. You see that it’s easy to talk about Fire or EMS or Law Enforcement – all the peeps we deal with daily.  HOWEVER, we are more likely to find significant challenges with factions that we don’t normally interact or train with. 

So it is incumbent upon us to train more readily with Public Works, Transportation, Energy, Department of Defense, etc…On top of that, must exercise non-conventional scenarios too.

Interactive trainings like this in our class promotes interactive learning and sprouts huge discussion on response priorities and addresses the elephant in the room – how do we overcome egos and better serve all our communities.

Solid day-2 of our class. 

Glad to have so much participation from our USAR and DoD partners.


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