The August deets in 2 regions

August rushing in so fast that I almost forgot to give my details for the month.

First week, I’ll be teaching a packed ICS-300 class to local public safety professionals, county representatives, state officials, and Department of Defense / US Military assets. All in prep for an upcoming NSSE.

Second week, I will be facilitating the quarterly NorthEast Ohio Public Information Officers (NEO-PIO) Training at WKYC. Latter half of the week, I’ll be testing the Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan at the new Task Force’s Base of Operations (BOO). To paraphrase: COOPing at the BOO.

Third week, I will be attending a class on behalf of the State of Ohio based around Risk Analysis for Fusion Centers.

Fourth week, I will be teaching basic social media in Maryland and Delaware. Also likely to attend a few meetings in Washington DC at FEMA HQ too. Best behavior indeed!

The beginning of the fifth week, I will be working with Cleveland Police as we hit another law enforcement outreach campaign. Latter half of the week, I will be teaching the State of Ohio Emergency Management Agency’s G-290: Basic Public Information Officer course at Medina County EMA.

It’s already a busy 2 region month. Hope to see you out there!



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