Day 2 of class for US and Canada enhanced border security initiative through training

Another packed day of class to support the Department of Homeland Security border initiative.

We are talking tools and techniques that can help public safety better adddress disaster response. But while simple searches are good, we can see there are benefits on aggregating information from a host of other places. As an example, Alisha talked a bunch on listening to specific audiences on Reddit…

…we talked about crisis mapping and apps that can better prepare you for “stuff”. Data visualization are pretty things will always be helpful.

This class we push collaboration esp when it comes down to strategic / coordinated all-hazards messaging…and hashtags.

We also promote the use of new technologies to overcome the mis-information that is readily found online. Empowering officials and Public Information Officers to break news themselves is critical because in a crisis, time is of the essence. 

Showcased the ability of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as well as the flexibility of the Joint Information Center (JIC) for everyone to coordinate actions, share similar plans, and ultimately have the coordinated messages across the board so that we can be a unified front in the face of a disaster. 

Without a doubt, this Tools and Techniques course is still my favorite course to teach.

Proud to serve my fellow Emergency Management constituents here on the northern border initiative. Also proud to include our partners from Canada Public Safety as we share our border protection plans for everyone’s safety. 

It worked for the previous DHS border protection initiative and I am confident in the skills and techniques shared with all participants will only be of benefit to those with safety in mind.

Looking forward to a successful upcoming FSE between the US and Canada.


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