USVI St. John and our DRCs

Busy morning as we had a big day planned for US Virgin Island St. John.

A quick trip out to our Disaster Recovery Center in Coral Bay.

Without a doubt, it is beautiful here on St. John.

As a PIO, I get to share news that showcases the efforts of local public safety pros…

…and we continue to support local operations with others Federal agencies.

I have always been proud of highlighting the efforts of our Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). These centers are the FEMA front lines taking in disaster assistance registrations from survivors. Staffed not only by FEMA, but other partners from DHS.

In most cases, FEMA will locate these DRCs in a centralized location(s). USVI St. John, the Disaster Recovery Centers are located in

  • Coral Bay in the old fire station
  • Cruz Bay downtown at the Legislative building

Reporting live from the downtown Cruz Bay Disaster Recovery Center in US Virgin Islands St. John…


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