Big lessons learned symposium #PIO #PAO #ESF15

Yesterday, I was asked to speak at the big lessons learned symposium from the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Former FEMA Deputy Administrator Tim Manning kicked everything off in the morning.

Me? I was specifically asked to address crisis communications and disaster communications in the response phase for September-October in the Florida Keys and November-December in the US Virgin Islands. #PIO #PAO #ESF15 #ExternalAffairs

Also, I was fortunate to be introduced by Director for the Pacific Region of the National Weather Service Ray Tanabe.

His surveys on hydration during disasters is super interesting.

He’s a super nice guy too.

Other speakers also shared stories from Texas, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Additional panel discussions… 

…and group discussions played out with all participants too.

All islands EMAs were represented including state, DoD, and Federal agencies.

I’m proud to share all our successes in each of these places with everyone attending today.  

So much to learn esp in disaster communications.


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