Ascertaining information from the scene and YouTube’s ongoing response statement delivered as a post #SanBruno

In reviewing posts re: the YouTube shooting, it looks like reporters are regularly searching out SnapMaps for stories.

This is weird to me because, by now, most people have turned off their location identifier on SnapChat.

Also, it’s easy to falsely post info there too…esp a staged video clip that in times of confusion, could be portrayed as truth by media.

I would encourage all media continue being diligent in researching tips and information that comes through online and regularly fact checks their info. Again, taking information found on social media does not count as a confirmed source.

Also, here’s YouTube’s response to the initial shooting.

This statement above seems to deviate away from the traditional “press release style” on the incident and gives information similar to a social media post.

Is this communication avenue more effective than a press release or fact sheet? Maybe. But I would still encourage you to do a fact sheet to help your VIPs with their talking points for the presser.

These kinds of shootings are happening on the regular now. Consider taking some training in first aid, CPR, Run-Hide-Fight, or tourniquet training. You could save a life.


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