Day-5 of the NIMS ICS All-Hazzards PIO Course

Simple press conferences? Each group took different approaches to their delivery.

One of the PIOs were firm on the time schedule so that it kept reporters who often ask rather weird questions on track.

Some were a bit more passive, but because of the scenario, most groups opted for a stronger bold press conference.

Our group? We targeted our messaging to our specified audience.

We planned for questions that the media could ask us.

You won’t believe it, they opted to put me in to represent the police PIO.

Bee doo bee doo indeed.

We opted for a more friendly approach and we were firm on our evacuation orders as well our issued BOLO.

Don’t worry, both instructors said I improved in my media speaking topics. #AlwaysLearning right? Gotta represent like a pro!

Class was fun and lots to learn from others attending esp those who were involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline event. Many thanks to all my fellow NIMS ICS All-Hazards PIOs from across the country who attended this course.

Special thanks to these two Master PIO Instructor goofballs.

See you soon on the next big disaster.


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