2018 #FDIC and Hands On Training #HOT #Indy

Stopped by the 2018 Fire Department’s Instructors Conference (aka FDIC) in Indiana today.

Yeah yeah yeah, I had some FOMO for sure.

On arrival to the Hands On Training (HOT) area, I found the OIC running the joint.

Glad to see Capt Mike Pruitt again.

In fact, the last time I saw him was on our deployment to Hurricane Irma (2017). Here we are taking a look at the FEMA USAR maps for grid searching and other activities.

Seems like forever ago, but like we have always said, “In our line of work, it’s a small world.”

Lots of burning going on as participants continued to work on tactics so that they become almost muscle memory.

Various types of trainings going on including flashover simulators, extrication, hoseline advancement, ventilation, and of course teamwork.

At the end of the training, everyone pitches in to help inservice all the pieces of equipment.

Also helps to have the PIO there to take a few pictures and share with their communities on how departments are constantly training.

All. The Time.

Well, I hope all my fire friends will be taking in more classes than beverages.

It is imperative that we continue to be studious and learn and grow.

We all have lots to learn from each other.


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