Day-2 of ICS-400 with TTE and more

Day-2 of ICS-400, so you know we are going to ruin this place…

…and destroy this place…

…and definitely FUBAR this place too!

All in the name of tabletop training for our partners in public safety! (Central City, Liberty County, and the State of Columbia are all fictitious locations. They are NOT real).

If you look closely, you can see our class engaged and smiling too!

Additionally, as instructors, we share lessons learned and success stories in large incidents to better prepare our participants for their own emergency or disaster.

And I know you are going to ask and yes, the ICS claw story went over well.


Glad to have a very active class that is engaged with each other as well as their partner agencies.

Lots of collaboration prior to an emergency. Great to have discussions in peace time. Priorities and goals are important to know – esp BEFORE a disaster or an emergency.

Looking forward to seeing our participants on the next big one!


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