My Sunday view of the #ChicagoMarathon

Sunday views…

Yes, it’s the Chicago Marathon today!

Mad props to all who are running and supporting today’s Chicago Marathon.

Lots of stuff happens behind the scenes. Here’s one of the many hydration stations w/ logistical challenges similar to snow. Here’s the “before” pic.

And now for the “after” pic.

Whoa mama!

Shout out to all ARES RACES pros out there supplementing the efforts of ESF-2 in the field. Their coordination is a crucial backup and primary communications for support services throughout the race route.

Medical tents were busy supporting not only runners, but also volunteers too.

Lots of other specialized rigs inservice and visible.

Some of them fly….

Some of them come from other jurisdictions too.

Obviously, one agency cannot do this all on their own. Lots of agencies visible and non-visible staged in providing safety for runners and fans alike.

Coordination services make large scale events like this one go over smoothly.

And don’t worry, recovery/mitigation crews were out too!

Planning and coordination can solve lots of issues. Just takes practice.

Reporting live from the Chicago Marathon…


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