Day-2 of the NE Illinois PIO Symposium

Day-2 at the NE Illinois PIO Symposium! And getting to meet and hear from the Illinois Lt Gov was great!

Her insight to how critical PIOs are to the organization is great to hear as it is crucial to the success of any agency.

We also got a chance to hear from the Chicago Police Department Director of Public Engagement Glen Brooks.

Real world stuff as these community tactics should resonate with so many of us in the public space.

Closing out the day, I persuaded my good friend St. Louis Deputy Commissioner Sarah Gambling-Luig to present on her award winning national social media campaign – #CityHallSelfie

This great campaign was started just a few years ago, but her ability to dominate…

…let me say that one more time: DOMINATE the effort is amazing.

Her efforts have inspired countless other civil servants to take pride in their work, back the city, county, and state initiatives….

…and ultimately have pride in where you work and what you represent.

Amazing campaign and words of wisdom to close out the conference.

Special thanks to Bob and Stephanie for the invite to speak this year.

Looking forward to helping out in the coming years.


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