FEMA G2019: JIC JIS course at Summit County Health

After a packed G0290 course yesterday, today we move into the G0291: Joint Information Center/Joint Information System course. This is the course that we now take you as single role PIOs into joining up with other PIOs, form Voltron, and work to provide coordinated messaging and support for countless agencies in a disaster.

But first, local celebrity Summit County Courts PIO James Pollack stopped by for a quick visit.

For those that have been around for a while know that James came from the news business…which is where I first met him at WEWS5.

As a PIO, your relationships are everything. It is worth your time to get to know your local reports maintain good working relationships with them.

Since this week’s class is directly benefitting PIOs and increasing their skills, the partnership with Summit County EMA is incredibly important. So I was stoked and proud to have Summit County EMA Tim Gemind share his sage disaster knowledge for a coordinated PIO response with our entire class stressing the importance of the JIC/JIS effort.

During our 2005 Hurricane Katrina / Hurricane Rita Type-1 response to Louisiana’s Lower 9th Ward-St Bernard Parish, I served as a #TaskForce Leader under Chief Tim Gemind. I have mad respect for this guy who has dedicate his life to #publicsafety & fire service.

Glad to see you Chief!

We highlighted the need for a strong network of PIOs throughout the region. We shared stories of successes and challenges while working planned events that turn into incidents and eventually turn into big disasters.

Steve shared his experiences with his two week deployment to South Carolina under an EMAC agreement.

I shared a bunch from the Type-1 disasters including Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria from the FEMA PIO perspective.

Great to collaborate with others as we are inspiring the new batch of PIOs to represent their agencies.

Glad hang with you this week.

Looking forward to working the next big disaster with all of you!


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