Saturday in the EOC – how you doin?!?

Let’s hit it hard on a Saturday! But first, this sunrise.

Ahhhh, I love the smell of fresh EOC in the morning.

Pro tip for EOC staffers – -HYDRATE!

But don’t forget to have lids for your beverage receptacles. Spilling stuff in the EOC is frowned upon.

Don’t freak out, I confirm that you are not seeing things. It’s a tie. I’m wearing a tie on Saturday.

Look, crews are out. Like anywhere else, EOCs help support and coordinate resources for in field personnel.

Resource allocation and cost appropriations are some of the biggest challenges in any disaster or planned event.

Some days, you gotta work the magic.


Yeah baby 🤣 Get your EOC on peeps!

Reporting live from the EOC…


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