Day-2: ICS400 for public safety partners from across the state

Day-2 of ICS400 with lots of group work for Central City

Not only Central City is going down, but Liberty County’s EOC are strained for resources in the response phase.

But for realz – these in-class scenarios allow us to play the roles we would be filling in an actual disaster. So really, we are training our partners for disaster response/recovery! Yep, train like you fight. Bonus points for being in the county EOC too!

Now for those that know of the fictions Central City, which is in the fictitious State of Columbia, all know that it’s a real bad place to live as there are constant disasters there. But in Emergency Management, we use this grandiose scenario to train our all-hazard partners in public safety to respond to and coordinate with others.

You’d be surprised, not only do we have the typical big three functions playing (Fire, EMS, and Police) – but we also have transportation, communications, public works, logistics, long term recovery, public utilities, health department, etc….the list goes on and on and on….

We hold true to our inclusive training because in a real disaster, all partners will be in play during a disaster. That’s right, you’ll have to work with everyone. It takes a community to survive a disaster.

For those that are bleh about ICS training and “it was boring” naysayers types – I leave you with this one participant commentary.

If an instructor is passionate about the topic and truly believes in the mission, the goal, the SMART objective – it’ll show in the delivery.


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