Social Media Tools and Techniques in Arizona – my fav!

Awwwww yeah, it’s Friday Friday – and it’s time for my favorite class.

Social Media Tools & Techniques! Like seriously, my most favorite class to teach!

Why? Because I get to showcase specific hardware…

…and special techniques…

…that we have used IRL to change the outcome of certain events.

Outstanding fun here with all my new friends at the Pima County Emergency Management Agency.

Also, kinda in love with their EOC and setup for operations.

While looking at powerpoint slides can fry your brain, I decided that we use a bunch of different engagement avenues to address participants needs. Like a ton of group work!

Teamwork makes the dream work AmIRight?

All kidding aside, the crux of these Emergency Management classes is to build capabilities, address the gaps, and truly exercise all the skills our providers have.

In most of our work activities, we are working in groups…so collaboration is such an important part of our preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation, and protection.

Additionally, a TTX that can double as a fully functional crisis EOC exercise is always good.

And if you are going to ask, I specifically designed it to have fruitful discussion at various points of crisis to challenge leadership and communicators on how to respond to respond appropriately.

This class ain’t no joke as we throw all kinds of facts and trivia into class to support various teaching moments.

As far as disasters go, I’m pretty excited for my new Arizona Social Media squad…and their out-freakin-standing Emergency Operations Center.

It’s Aloha Friday so reporting live from Pima County Arizona….


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