Debris on a Friday!

Friday morning in the Baltimore! Yep-here to share some knowledge about Debris.

A fine welcome from Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management Chris!

Glad to see various disciplines represented here as we continue to discuss recovery.

As you know, recovery is the toughest part of any disaster and these pros are dedicated to working the magic for their own communities as well as their surrounding communities too. OUTSTANDING!

Lots of group work to concrete the points down as we assess our options post disaster.

Openly talking about resource challenges as well as staging and prioritization are important discussions to have prior to a disaster. Emergency Management is the best agency to navigate this challenge and work to coordinate response/recovery actions.

Collaborating under bright lights classroom is the best way to work out challenges…but if you got time, maybe a few exercises to test and evaluate performance of these plans.

Train AND exercise. You gotta test the plan right?

Special thanks to the Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management for the opportunity to share our successes in disasters.

Looking forward to working with all of you in the next big one.


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