Advanced Social Media class at NEORSD

Monday morning and you know what time it is….

Yep, kicking off another solid start to the DHS/FEMA/NDPTC Social Media Engagement Strategies Course here at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Special thanks to the Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management for sponsoring the class.

Full morning packed as we talk about battle rhythm and consistent posting for our audiences.

Yes, not only in disasters, but in normal blue skies time, we should be posting information regularly.

While powerpoint slides are fun, there are a bunch of other class activities that we push all participants to complete.

This not only allows them to collaborate with their fellow public safety pros, but allows them to walk away with a product as guidance for their agency.

We need concrete the importance of working with your local pros that help oversee all social media accounts…

…work tirelessly at identifying at risk groups and shepherding them through the process to enhance their communication skills.

No matter where they are from, we must work to address all partners as well as all of our constituents before, during, and after a disaster.

And yes, we need to engage more than just Fire, EMS, and Police. Just think about all Emergency Support Functions (ESFs).

Emergency Management is responsible for coordination amongst all those players. This is why I constantly say that Emergency Managers are the lynch-pins of the operations as a coordination entity.

Special thanks to NEORSD for being an outstanding site host for this advanced social media class.

Proud to give the floor to an incredibly engaging campaign on social media, ladies and gents, its an honor to have THE famous Wally Water Drop say hi.

Reporting live from Cleveland!!!!!!


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