Never turn your back on a shark #SharkWeek

You never want to be caught unprepared…esp during a disaster.

That’s why so many Emergency Managers push so hard on preparedness efforts during SharkWeek. So many of you are invested to learn more about sharks. But the same drive and interest can be applied to disasters and preparedness.

In fact, many of the preparedness efforts remain the same for both. Like first-aid kit, tourniquet(s), etc…

  • Like sharks, disasters can happen at anytime.
  • Like sharks, the aftermath is terrible.
  • Like sharks, a disaster usually ganders lots of media interest.
  • Like sharks, everyone wants to take a picture of a disaster, but it’s kinda dangerous AmIRight?
  • Like sharks, disasters don’t happen frequently.
  • Like sharks, disasters don’t travel alone (ie Thunderstorm -> Heavy rain -> flooding).
  • And like sharks, disasters don’t care about feelings or “coulda/shoulda”

So be better prepared for any kind of SharkAttack…I mean disaster by enhancing your preparedness kit with a tourniquet. Because you’ll never know when you have to deal with a shark attack.

Continue swimming along but make sure you know where and how to use your tourniquet.

I’m not saying that sharks hide under desks, but sharks and disasters are sneaky and crafty with malicious intent.


P.S. I don’t think they have lasers on their forehead yet…

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