Wait wait, don’t tell me…NET! NPR! Nebraska!

Did someone say NET? NPR? PBS?

Glad I was able to finally make a stop here at NET Nebraska.

Dennis provided a quick walking tour and showcased their toys here in Lincoln.


OMG….That. Is. Awesome. I would have never expected the NPR/PBS station to have this caliber of TV production!

Not only all the bells and whistles for infield production, but also studio time too!

Obv a HUGE venue that is modular to handle large press briefings with perfect sound, lighting, and all kinds of digital support.

Staff also relays the long time shows for production like the Backyard Farmer, the longest running locally-produced television series in the nation just celebrated it’s 67th season on NET.

All shot in studio or on location with NET Nebraska.

Outstanding support for a local show including the ability to flex up and do remote shows.

Great to see local support for a station that gives back to their community with meeting space, tours for kids, and of course solid programming for everyone.

Looking forward to sharing their documentary on the Nebraska disaster response “And the Floods came…”


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