FEMA External Affairs team in Nebraska – my peeps!

As we finalize the declaration period for disaster assistance, I wanted to take a few moments to recognize my FEMA team that worked the magic behind the scenes for all of Nebraska.

Say hello to my 2019 Nebraska Disaster Flooding FEMA External Affairs Team!

L to R: Donna, Tarisha, Cynthia, Charles, Rosie, Zuni, Jay, Fabian, @rusnivek, and Jessica.

This team worked tirelessly to help all 28 counties and one tribal nation recover from the ics jams, straight line winds, and catastrophic flooding across the State of Nebraska from March through July.

I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of the FEMA External Affairs efforts by everyone in the Joint Information Center (JIC). Not only playing their primary roles, but also several other roles as our staff got chopped due to the ongoing response to Hurricane Dorian.

Proud to share information to support all disaster survivors.

It was NOT easy covering the entire state as the lone FEMA PIO, however a strong External Affairs staff makes my job as the PIO much easier all thanks to the help from the JIC.

Trust me, one individual alone cannot make magic happen.

It takes a strong team with the same mission to make magic happen.

A rising tide raises all ships.

Catch you on the next big one peeps!


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