Rescue boats in #JAX

Jacksonville has a bunch of water to cover in their jurisdictions so water rescue/recovery23] resources are a key piece to their normal operations.

Special shout out to Marine-38 and Marine-39 on the hospitality and operations. Training is key to a successful organization so constant training and diligence to serving the community 24/7 is exemplified by the actions seen today.

Until today, maneuvering the boat while flowing water seemed easy. However, after seeing pilots really working the controls during water flow operations most definitely takes special skills.

Additionally, it’s surprising how much water (specifically GPMs) these boats can delivery and of course how much reach it has/

These resources are incredibly specialized and highly maneuverable – which allows these types of resources to be flexible as they are required to work all kinds of magic in the field for distressed boaters and victims in the water.

Without a doubt, it takes a special skill to pilot these specialized resources.


Thanks again to all the JFRD crews on a Monday!


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