Almonds…I hate almonds now.

Decided it would be nice to have some almonds for a change. Seemed healthier than honey roasted peanuts right?

As I was chewing through my first handful, the 4th bite in was….heart stopping.

As soon as I bit, my left rear molar was in some pretty serious pain. Like shooting excruciating pain.

As I was making the emergency appointment with the dentist, I had a weird feeling. Like Han feeling.

After x-rays were shot, I was informed that I would be losing a tooth in a few minutes.

Not chipped, not cracked, not cavity, not root canal…but a complete tooth extraction.

And here we are. The almond cracked my rear molar in half.

Almond=1 vs my tooth=0

The Dentist asked what I do. I said I am currently serving as the External Affairs Officer. He laughed and then said I just bought myself 3 days off of work because I won’t be able to talk properly to anyone…including news reporters and TV interviews. Sigh.

And here we are.

Looks like I’ll be OOS for a few days.



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