EMS working hard and PPE clean up

The evening is shift is supposed to be calm, but I don’t think the news wants to hear that as my phone has not stopped ringing.

Repeated call after call after call after call….does not bode well for your sanity. Trust your PIO when he/she/they said they will call you back with more info. I doubt any PIO has the intention to blow you off or to tease you with no call back.

Medical calls are harder with the increased focus on PPE. Paramedics and EMTs have been working their tails off this week and it’s only Tuesday.

However, we are seeing a surge in discarded PPE…like people are carelessly tossing your gloves everywhere.

Please, PLEASE clean up after yourself. Just dumping your gloves on the street isn’t a good look for you or your neighborhood.

Be responsible will ya!?!?!!


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