How long will this take? Will we be done soon? Better or worse than…

One of the reporters asked me (off the record) today if we are close to abolishing Coronavirus? I immediately responded back and said said, “No, not even close.”

For those wondering why I was quick to respond, was that we are still in the response phase. We are assessing the threats and making sure we have enough resources to handle things.

And no, we don’t have enough stuff.

To illustrate this point, let me reference a chart that we use in ICS-300.

As you can see, we are waiting for the response to match the need of resources. But right now, we are at a lack of resources, equipment, and supplies to stop the spread or mitigate any future spread. Basically, we ain’t there yet!

It is inappropriate to place an end date with all of this as we are still “responding” to the emerging threat.

Please do not think I am being elusive on the date but I still believe the recovery process will be longer and more drawn out since we now have HHS/CDC, and DOD assets being used in the operational theater across the country.

Also, don’t ask me to compare our situation to King County or New York City…that’s rude as we should never compare disasters against each other. It’s a low blow and petty. Be a professional and find real metrics with data…not just fodder to fill time.

Again, every situation is different and needs vary from location to location. No cookie cutter response will ever meet the needs of every community across the country. #fact

Be cognizant of the ongoing situation. Lives are at stake…

Please be good and do good stuff for your community.



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