Plans should be flexible!

As we close out the first week of planning in 2021 #National #Preparedness Month, we want to remind you that your plans should be flexible and be able to adapt to new #situations. In your preparedness efforts, consider including a #notebook or a #notepad that you can keep free form #notes from various sources.

New information is always being shared from #trusted sources so you should be able to take that info down quickly. Phone numbers, websites, social media accounts, passwords, hours of disaster #recovery #centers, open/closed #roadway, #shelter hours, etc…..basically all the important stuff you’ll need to reference on the regular. Look, the easiest way is to write it out! From maps, notes, drawings, phone numbers….everything can be done manually.

Your snazzy phone? Remember that your phone, esp in an emergency or #disaster, should be used for #communications – not mundane note taking or scribble notes.

Consider having various notebooks in different colors for each person in your preparedness kit.
Also, don’t forget the favorite writing utensils too. I said writing utensils, not just one.

Pictured above are a few of the notebooks I carry on every disaster deployment.
I usually carried in my right cargo pocket.

Hope you are as #prepared for #disasters.
Next week, we talk more about your #kit!


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