Mutts about today’s tips!

We’re #mutts about today’s post sharing the good words in the 2021 #National #Preparedness #Month!

This week, we continue to focus in on kits. And today, we want to enhance your #pet #preparedness #kits as our pets are an important part of our family. So here are some paws-ible options you could add to your pet preparedness kit.

*#Food – portioned and separated into individual bags so that it makes feeding and approximating how much food your pet needs
*#Water – Everyone is thirsty in a disaster
*#Medication – #flea #Tick #heartworm meds are important
*#vet medical card – in case you have to evacuate, your can easily document your pets’ medical conditions/issues to others providing veterinary care.
*#Pictures – in case you get separated, this will help identify you and your pet
We also included @FEMA’s list to help augment your pre-existing pet preparedness kit.

Just a few ideas to make you more furmiliar with your pet preparedness kit.


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