Too much water and then not enough water!

Still talking about kits and bags this week for #2021 #National #Preparedness Month!

If you happen to see these types of bags…

Yep, flooding is the most common type of natural hazard that can impact any community across our great nation. Do NOT go running out to buy 100s of sand bags. But do know they are difficult to fill and move. Backbreaking work. But if you live in a #flood prone area, you likely know where to get them in short order. (If you don’t, here’s your hint)

Additionally, a common sign that we see post area wide flooding is the “No Running Water” sign likely caused by flood waters breeching the underground water #supply line. This is why you should have at least one #gallon of #water per person in your #disaster preparedness kit.

We hope all these small tips on kit enhancements help your family be better prepared.


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