Attend a class!

Always learning!!!

We are still focused on providing low cost / no cost solutions to enhance your preparedness efforts.
Today, we wanted to share the many #EmergencyManagement #classes and #events that are offered throughout the year with @ProtectDuPage – all of which talk about #preparedness plans and #efforts across the #county.

Above are just a few pictures from events with various groups and agencies sharing some tips/tricks for better preparing your #emergency / #disaster efforts. These are perfect opportunities to build a better kit, or to enhance your plans, or better yet, augment your plans with more information.
In almost all cases, government sponsored classes are free of charge. And I can tell you for a fact, that all of our classes have been offered to you at no-cost. ( It doesn’t get much more low cost than free #AmIRight? )

I hope to see all of you soon as we roll out more classes specifically addressing #preparedness #response #recovery – all to continue to build up your community resilience to any disaster.

More tips tomorrow as we are smack dab in the middle of #2021 #National #Preparedness #Month

readiness #recovery #mitigation #protection #EM


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