Are you my ICE?

Who is the first person to contact in an #emergency?

As we continue the low cost / no cost push for preparedness, we want to make sure that all of you have an I.C.E. or In Case of Emergency contact listed in your phone.

Aside from calling 9-1-1, #ICE should be your first speed dial.

WHAT – What is ICE? It stands for In Case of Emergency that is used to identify who(m) to call when there is an emergency. It doesn’t automatically default to your spouse or parent so be sure to address and identify the ICE in your address book of your cell phone.

HOW – This can easily be accessed in your contacts or can be found quickly if needed by typing “ICE” into your contacts.

YOU – Everyone can do this in seconds.

Just another #LowCost / #NoCost way that you can enhance your #emergency preparedness plan during this 2021 #National Preparedness Month

Protection #Preparedness #Response #Recovery #Mitigation

Fire #Police #EMS #911 #dispatch

EmergencyManagement #PublicSafety

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