Do your kids know what to do?

Do your kids know what to do?!? Throughout this week, we will focus in on preparedness efforts for kids and how they can help you better respond to an emergency. As always, empowering our youth to help during an emergency is critical to our survivability.

To start, we wanted to share a few pages from the brand new @FEMA Preparedness Pedro coloring book that specifically address our more common natural hazards here in the area. Tips that you can share with your children include:

*#Tornado #Warning means that a tornado has been spotted in your area. Take cover NOW!

*#Flooding mean that there is flooding in your area. While in a vehicle, remember to NEVER drive through flooded roadways – Turn Around, Don’t Drown! #TADD #TurnAround #DontDrown

Just two easy tips that you can share with your family and friends. More to come this week!
All part of the ongoing #2021 #National Preparedness Month


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