Ebola update – Date/Time: 12-02-14 at 2330

Ebola update – Date/Time: 12-02-14 at 2330

Confirmed cases of Ebola in Ohio: 0 patients

Confirmed cases of Ebola in the entire US: 0 patient

Confirmed pet cases of Ebola in the entire US: 0 pets

fact stamp

And the top-10-things you REALLY need to know about Ebola

**With no new cases of ebola for two weeks now, I am thinking about discontinuing this daily ebola update. Unless another new cases pops up, I will discontinue this running series on Friday 12-05-14.


2 thoughts on “Ebola update – Date/Time: 12-02-14 at 2330

  1. There have been what, four cases of ebola in the US? So you are TWICE AS LIKELY to have married Larry King as you are to catch ebola. Probably not worth losing sleep over, at present. Sending help to areas that actually have it: yes. Freaking out here: no. Just my two cents.

    • And more likely to die in a car accident from texting than catching ebola. Def not worth losing sleep over!
      Many parts to the response not only nationally, but internationally from our partners in health/safety.

      But just for fun….wash your hands.


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